Common Weight loss Methods

There are a variety of methods that you are able to use in order to lose weight. Weight loss may be increased dramatacally by utilising more than one of the following methods at a time.

1) Diet :

Diet is by far the most popular of all weight loss methods. Dieting is when you reduce the intake of calories in order to force the body into a calorie shortfall which makes the body then rely on using calories in store which is fat. The body starts to burn the stored fat which results in weight loss.

Sadly diets are not really effective for ongoing weight loss as the body reacts immediately to a break in diet by beginning to store excess calories consumed as fat. Unless you are prepared to diet on a continual basis, then diet is an option that is mainly available to trim or shape up for a specific occasion.

Diets are readily available from many sources both online and offline.

Most popular diet
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2) Bowel cleansing.(Colon cleansing)

Bowel cleansing is often mistakenly listed as colon cleansing. The colon is only the lower section of the bowel and most cleansing methods apart from the enema, are in fact bowel cleanse products as they cleanse the entire bowel. A bowel cleanse is one of the major necessities in any weight loss program as it helps food digested to pass through your system quickly which avoids unnecessary uptake of fat from the digested food. A bowel cleanse also removes fecal matter build up and is a good cure for constipation.

Good bowel management is one of the key elements that Bulimics use to restrict weight gain and although they do it in excess, there is great benefits in weight management that can be learned from them. When undergoing a bowel cleanse it is important to always use a clinically tested and proven product. Bowel cleansing is not an overnight ordeal and most good bowel cleanse programs will last for at least 14 days. My personal choice for an effective bowel cleanse is Bowltrol, which can be found on the right hand side of this page. diagram of the bowel

3) Diet Pills – Appetite suppressants. Appetite supressants are pills or substances which help you to prevent the feelings associated with hunger, resulting in less food being consumed. Possibly one of the best known pills in this category is Thinz. Thinz was widely used but new regulations have seen a banning of this product in many countries. The alternative to thinz is Hoodia.

Hoodia stems from the Hoodia Gordinii succulent plan which stems from the semi desert are’s of Southern Africa. Hoodia has been used for centuries by the bushmen to ward off hunger and thirst and is possibly the most effective of all appetite supressants. Hoodia has one downfall and that is that it’s supply is limited, resulting in some hoodia products that are available on the shelfs containg less active hoodia than is necessary to curb your appetite.

When purchasing hoodia, always use a recognised source that carries a certified hoodia product to prevent purchasing counterfeits or product that is ineffective. UniqueHoodia is my suggested supplier of Hoodia.

Hoodia is safe to use in conjunction with all the other methods of dieting and by incorporating hoodia into a weight loss program, you increase your weight loss dramatically.

4) Diet tablets – Fat Blockers.

Fat bockers effectively prevent the fat content of food consumed from being absorbed into your body. Fat blockers are a blend of herbs that can bind up to 28% of the fat consumed in meals and in so doing prevent weight gain. fat blockers can be used in conjunction with all the other weight loss methods and in order to supercharge weight loss, you can use a diet, hoodia to supress apetite and a fat blocker to even further reduce calorie uptake.

Although there are a variety of fat blockers available, again you should always proceed with caution and use only those that have undergone clinical testing. My personal choice of fat blockers is Proactal.

5) Surgery.

Surgery is by far the most drastic of all weight loss methods and should be totally discouraged unless there is a major medical problem that has to be addressed. Surgery can be extremely expensive and is often not reversable.

6) Exercise :

Exercise is a great way to boost your metabolism and to increase calorie usage. However exercise is not highly effective for continued weight loss with research allocating only 15% of weight lost  as being as a result of exercise.

When a weight loss campaign is started off with a good bowel cleanse, and then followed by a sensible diet combined with the use of appetite suppressants and fat blockers, then weight loss becomes supercharged through the synergy of all the different methods combined, resulting in quick weight loss.